Osrs blast furnace

A Furnace is an interactive scenery object used in Smithing and Crafting. It is used to smelt various ores into metal bars. A furnace is also needed for some Crafting purposes. With the appropriate mould and Crafting level required, players can use the furnace to craft gold bars into jewellery e. Players can also craft silver bars into holy symbolstiarasunholy symbolsor lightning rods depending on their Crafting level and the mould they have in their inventory.

Players may also make molten glass by smelting soda ash and a bucket of sand. Players with level 43 Magic may choose to use Superheat Item instead of furnaces for smelting, earning both Magic and Smithing experience, although this will prove costly as it requires 1 nature rune and 4 fire runes per bar. Superheat Item does not work for jewellery or melting glass. The closest furnace to a bank is located in Edgevillewhich beats the Neitiznot furnace requiring The Fremennik Isles to be completed by one square although there is hardly much of a difference.

The Neitiznot furnace is slightly better because you don't have to move your camera or close your bank click on furnace with bank open. If you're a new player with limited teleport options, you can also use the furnace in Lumbridgewhich is a bit north of the teleport area. The following table shows locations that are labelled with a furnace icon on the world map and minimap. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. Categories :. This furnace is located just a little north of the bank. It is very close to a bank and is excellent for players with many ores in their bank. This used to be the best furnace until Edgeville furnace became available in F2P worlds and to all players. This furnace is located south of the centre. It is very close to both the east bank and the west bank.

This is also a recommended furnace, though Al-Kharid's furnace is slightly closer to a bank. Second floor: 85 Culinaromancer's Chest members : This furnace is located north of Lumbridge Castle. The next closest bank is in Lumbridge Castle. Located in the Wilderness at level 28, it is only useful for the mines in the Wilderness. However, players can also be killed by other players while using this furnace.

This furnace is not a good place to smelt as it is quite a run from the bank, and there are no significant mining areas nearby. This is currently the closest furnace with the exception of the paid furnace in Shilo Village.

As of 15 Novemberit is accessible to all players. If wearing Varrock armourplayers have a chance of smelting 2 bars at once for faster experience. This furnace is mainly used in Crafting to make glass as all the materials are on the island. Bank is very far away. The Giant Dwarf quest is needed to have been started or completed to enter the city.

The furnace is actually Blast Furnace minigame. The upside is it uses half as much coal to make high level metal bars.

osrs blast furnace

The Lost City quest has to be completed to enter this fairy city. A bank is not very close. The fourth closest furnace to a bank in RuneScape.The blast furnace is an awesome members-only mini-game that takes place in Keldagrim for smelting bars. For more Smithing methods, see our Smithing guide. This means much bigger profit margins, more bars per hour and of course saving a lot of money spent along the way. This mini-game is used widely across Oldschool Runescape as a low requirement money-maker, or even other ways for some of the fastest smithing experience in the game.

The Blast Furnace is ran by 5 dwarves who will let you use their furnace for some small payments. This minigame has five available worlds:,and This minigame is located in the east mines of Rellekka, near the cave entrance you will see the dwarven boatman. Go inside this building and go down the stairs to find the Blast Furnace.

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You can use the Grand Exchange shortcut on the north-west wall, the minecart in the dwarven mines under ice mountain or alternatively you can the minigame group finder to teleport directly outside of the Blast Furnace building. After you get the hang of it, this minigame is a breeze. The minigame works by depositing your ore into the conveyor belt, running down the ramp, cooling off your smelted bars with either a bucket of water or the ice gloves, and then banking.

Smithing mithril bars at Blast Furnace

Rinse and repeat. It is recommended to wear weight-reducing gear as you will be running most of the time. For players above level 60 Smithing, it is recommended to wear your ice gloves with as much weight-reducing gear as you have.

Have a coal bag which holds up to 27 pieces of coala stamina potion and 25 ore. For players below level 60 Smithing, you must pay your fee every 10 minutes, a stamina potion, and 25 ore. Goldsmith gauntlets make this possible because of their nearly 2. You need a Smithing level of 40 to use gold ore on a furnace. Goldsmith Gauntlets are one of the three glove rewards from the Family Crest quest. With the Blast Furnace being one of the best methods for Smithing experience in Oldschool Runescape, you can use the minigame for getting quite a bit of hourly profit gains or you can take the other route and use it solely for experience.

Both of which in the end turn out a profit. Provided you are using Ice Gloves and have a coal bag equipped, I went ahead and put together a list of experience rates below. You must start The Giant Dwarf quest in order to access Keldagrim. You need at least 60 smithing without boosts, or pay small fee of 2, coins to the Blast Furnace Foreman to smelt bars for 10 minutes. An abundance of GP before starting, you will use around 80, coins per hour at the Blast Furnace.

You MUST go through the dialogue. You must be wearing the ring to get the discount.The Blast Furnace is a members-only minigame located in Keldagrim. Players use the furnace to smelt ore into bars; but to be successful, they must keep it working.

The Blast Furnace requires half the amount of coal normally required for a furnace or Superheat Item spell. Although the Blast Furnace does not involve combatplayers may take damage while using the pump if the furnace's heat level rises to an extreme level, as indicated by the red zone on the furnace's temperature gauge. The amount of damage dealt depends on the player's Strength level.

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The Blast Furnace is more efficient when used by a team as multiple players can assume different roles. However, it is possible for players to operate the Blast Furnace alone.

Goldsmithing gauntlets do provide bonus with smelting gold in the furnace. This minigame is disabled for Ironman Mode players. There are many ways to reach the Blast Furnace.

It is located in south-east Keldagrimslightly north of the train and cart stations. There are many ways to reach Keldagrim, including:. The following skill levels are required to operate the Blast Furnace. If players are working as a team, however, these level requirements may be met by the entire team, not for each individual. You don't have to bring all these items because there's a Bank chest nearby. Ore is essential in order to train Smithing at the Blast Furnace. Ore may be obtained by one of several methods:.

A coal bag from Dungeoneering will store coal, allowing ores to fill the rest of the inventory other than ores.

A beast of burden such as a Spirit terrorbird may also be of good use. While the basic tools essential to playing the minigame respawn near the Blast Furnace, players may wish to use some their own items to increase productivity or to help with various other functions. It is also helpful, when playing with a large group, to add coal to the conveyor belt whenever possible; this will remove the need to unnote and smith.

Blast Furnace

The player can then have a rhythm of smelting and smithing, which can speed up the process. Also, you can add the ore and coal to the furnace when your bars are ready to collect, so while you are smithing them, the others will be being smelted by other players. First of all, players have to put their raw materials ore and coal on the conveyor belt. Once the materials are placed on the belt, they cannot be taken by other players. To activate the conveyor belt, a player must pedal the gearbox.Although level 50 Smithing is required to smith mithril barslevel 60 is strongly recommended so that you don't have to pay an entrance fee to the Blast Furnace.

It provides a great opportunity for players to reap great profits by producing a large volume of mithril bars worth eachwhich are coveted by high-level smiths. Depending on your level of activity, you can produce between 2, and 3, Mithril bars in an hour.

osrs blast furnace

That means the profit margin falls betweenFirst make sure you are on either worldor the official Blast Furnace worlds. After purchasing the raw materials, deposit 72, coins into the coffer. This will allow you to use the furnace without having to worry about operating it.

It will remove 1, coins every minute automatically for a total of an hour. Then, start by placing mithril ore on the conveyor belt first, then emptying your coal bag of coal and depositing that right after.

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Do a trip of just coal after, and in that trip retrieve your bars from the bar dispenser by clicking on it if ice gloves are equipped or dousing it with a bucket of water and then collecting the bars. Then, do another trip of mithril ore and coal, and immediately retrieve a second inventory of bars.

Repeat this process from the beginning until you either run out of ore, or the coffer is empty. Making magic pyre logs. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Started The Giant Dwarf. Due to constantly changing prices on the Grand Exchangesome information in this article may or may not be current. It is strongly recommended to check the live prices on the Grand Exchange before making large investments in any method.

All prices on this page are cached, meaning it is possible that they appear out of date. To force a new cache of this page, click this link.

If a money making method is out of date, you can edit it or leave a message on the talk page. Categories :. Regular methods Collecting. Tree saplings. Fruit tree saplings. Special tree saplings. Cutting bows. Stringing bows. Unfinished potions. Charging orbs. Magic tablets. Blast Furnace.This part requires 30 Strength to operate, and pumps the superheated air between the stove and the furnace. It will also make the temperature gauge see below go up.

When the Temperature Gauge watcher tells you to stop, STOP, or the furnace will overheat, and you will take damage. You get 2 strength exp per half second you are using the pump. This temperature gauge is controlled by the pump, explained above. When the needle drops into the white zone, you need to tell the person to pump harder; when it raises into the red zone, you need to tell the person operating the pump to stop.

To do this part, it's quite simple. All you need is a spade, 30 firemaking, and a fast click. There is a Spade spawn just beside the Refueling porthole, take it, and click the "Collect Coke" button on the coke holder. Then, click on the "Refuel Stove" button, and you're done, for now.

You get 5 firemaking exp per time you refuel the stove. The pedals are required to move the conveyor belt, which takes the ore into the furnace.

You need 30 agility. You can only do the pedals for so long, because it drains your energy slowly down to nothing. You get 1 agility exp per second you are on the pedals. There are a lot of pipes around the area that break a lot. To fix these you need lvl 30 crafting, and a hammer. When you fix them, you get 50 crafting exp. First, you could either mine some ore from the mine a little ways away, or buy it, explained later in this section.

Next, you need to talk to the Blast Furnace Foreman, located in the southern part of the furnace "dungeon". He will say that he will let you use the furnace for free, but if you are lower than 60 smithing, you have to pay him coins for 10 minutes at the furnace. Note: When smelting bars in the Blast Furnace, you only need half the coal that you need for a regular furnace. Armor Store: There is also an armor store in the blast furnace area. Trade Jorzik to see what he has. Anvils: There are 3 anvils fenced in in the north west corner.

The blast furnace has been out for quite awhile. It's labeled, like the Kalphite Queen, as a team effort. However, with appropriate skills and items, you can enjoy skilling there with no one around.To get the blast furnace going, there are a lot of things you and your team must do.

This part requires 30 Strength to operate, and pumps the superheated air between the stove and the furnace. It will also controls the temperature gauge see below. When the Temperature Gauge watcher tells you to stop, you must stop pumping.

If you do not stop operating the pump, the furnace will overheat and you will take damage.

osrs blast furnace

You receive 2 Strength XP per half of a second you are using the pump. The temperature gauge is controlled by the pump, as explained above. When the needle drops into the white zone, you need to tell the person who is keeping an eye on the pump to start pumping. When it raises into the red zone, you need to tell the person operating the pump to stop. In order to take care of this part, you will need a spade, 30 Firemaking, and a fast click.

Take your spade and click the "Collect Coke" button on the coke holder. Then, click on the "Refuel Stove" button, and you are done, for now. There are three color stages for the stove. White, yellow, and red. You do not need to pump as long when the stove is red hot, but you may end up needing to fix the parts more often.

Per time you refuel the stove, you receive 5 Firemaking XP. The pedals are required to move the conveyor belt, which takes the ore into the furnace. To use the pedals you will need 30 Agility.

You can only operate the pedals for so long, because it drains your energy slowly down to nothing. When your energy falls to 0 you will automatically hop off the pedals. There are a lot of parts around the area that break quite often. To fix these parts you will need level 30 Crafting and a hammer.

osrs blast furnace

For each part fixed you receive 50 Crafting XP. However, this store has no main stock and only sells the armor supplied by players. Anvils: In a fenced off area next to the entrance to the furnace, you will find three anvils. Only players with a Smithing level of 60 are allowed in. This section covers spending extended amounts of time down at the Blast Furnace with little or no bank runs.

If you intend to use your bank a lot, it is better just to use the normal blast furnace method on the Blast Furnace world The 3 anvils located nearby require 60 smithing and play an very important part in this method. Items Needed: 50K coins and a Hammer. What items are needed depend on your strategy. If you are planning on smithing non-stackable items and not spending time running to the bank, then you will need a Staff of fire and Nature runes to high alchemy them.

Before heading down into the basement with the furnace, equip the Staff of fire and carry the 50k coins, Hammer, and Nature runes in your inventory.The Blast Furnace is a members-only minigame situated in Keldagrim for smelting bars which require coal.

The furnace here only requires half as much coal when smelting usually, so it can be useful when smelting the ores that require more coal. They enable soloing the Blast Furnace easily as there are five different dwarves DumpyStumpyPumpyNumpty and Thumpy operating the mechanics of the Blast Furnace, so the player only has to focus on running the ores to the conveyor belt.

The Blast Furnace can be accessed in East Keldagrim by going downstairs in the building with the furnace icon. From Seers' Village or Camelotfollow this path. After arriving in Keldagrim, go to the east side of town and downstairs in the building marked with the furnace icon. The Blast Furnace is located in Keldagrim. To enter Keldagrim, the player must have started the quest The Giant Dwarf by speaking to the Dwarven Boatman within the mines east of Rellekka.

Once the player has visited Keldagrim at least once, they can return via mine cart from the Dwarven Mines under Ice Mountain or the Grand Exchangeor use the Minigame Group Finder to teleport right outside the Blast Furnace building. It is heavily recommended to wear weight-reducing clothing to save run energy while moving heavy ore and smelted bars; if you are using ice gloves you won't be able to benefit from the full graceful outfit bonus and it will be more efficient to use the spottier cape and boots of lightness rather than their graceful counterparts.

Coins can also be used to pay the Blast Furnace Foreman for more time or to purchase ore there from Ordan. The suggested inventory for players below 60 Smithing is coins to pay the fee every 10 minutesa stamina potiona bucket of waterand 25 ore. When using ice glovesreplace the bucket of water with an ore. The suggested inventory for players 60 Smithing and above is a coal bagwhich helps greatly, a stamina potiona bucket of waterand 25 ore.

Full Smithing experience is gained from smelting the bars. There is also an anvil nearby to smith your bars, but it requires level 60 Smithing to access.

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Moreover, the following assumes that the player has a coal bag and a stamina potion in his or her inventory and wearing Ice Glovesthus there are 26 inventory slots occupied by ore. The Blast Furnace provides a great opportunity for players to reap great profits by producing a large volume of bars.

Note: Don't forget to subtract 72k coins per hour, if using worlds, or These numbers assume you are using one of the above worlds, a coal bag, ice gloves, and stamina potions. Always check current selling prices, as these numbers can change frequently. Note: Most of these tasks are done for you by the dwarves running the blast furnace on the Blast furnace home worlds:,and For this service, it costs 72k coins per hr, but is highly recommended for speed of training.

The Ore Sellerrun by Ordanis one of many of the stores in Keldagrim and can be found downstairs in the Blast Furnace factory in the eastern side of Keldagrim. This shop stocks ore used for Smithing. The shop is restocked by dwarves that regularly enter the room and deliver a number around 30 of one type of ore to the shop, rather than restocking 1 of every ore periodically.

When the shop reaches of a particular ore type the extra are "sent to storage".

Note: There is a maximum of coal and 56 primary ore in the furnace. All high-level oresuch as adamantite and runitemust be in the player's bank as they cannot be bought from Ordan. Coal can be bought from Ordan, but the quantities required for high-level ore usually exhaust his stock after only making one inventory of bars. Therefore, it is recommended that players only use Ordan as a supplemental source and have most or all of the required coal in their bank.

Ordan sells all types of ore up to mithrilwhich allows a player to train Smithing without mining ores. The process for smelting mithril bars is as follows:. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Main articles: Ordan and Ore Seller. Categories :.